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All my inspirations come from spirit, the ideas, wisdom, insight, including the information about the meaning and properties of each crystals.

How do I make the Crystals?


I use a formula to mix with these crystals inside silicone moulds, including using other methods to form and merge my creations together. The crystals are carefully blended together so that they will set and dry in the mould perfectly. They can be made smooth or sometimes with a bit of a texture on the surface to be able to feel the crystals.

How do Crystals serve a purpose?


All crystals hold an essence and vibration connected to the etheric (spirit) which bring into our physical world the energies of what those crystals serve. In the etheric there are many dimensions which can have crystals. Each crystals are unique and carry their own essence and properties, the crystals that we find on the Earth are of a high vibration which connect to the crystals in the etheric and which then the crystals can raise the vibration of the planet as they scatter across the globe, whether as rocks or held within our homes/workplace or otherwise. This is how crystals can help serve the planet in more ways than one.

How long does it take to make these Crystals?


It varies between a day to at least up to a week, sometimes longer depending on the size, shape or form for a perfected outcome.

Why do I make these Crystals?


I enjoy making and working with the energies of crystals. It also serves me and my overall wellbeing because as I work with the crystals, it helps to keep my energy raised in my day-to-day life and when it comes to doing  spirit work. Having a raised vibration/energy can help with the connection to spirit, including when it comes to doing the spirit art and readings. I also make them to serve others to help with raising their energy/vibration, bringing upliftment, joy, happiness, spreading love and light wherever my creations may go and can assists those who also do spirit work.

How do I make candles and what are their purpose?

I make my candles with soy wax, some are scented and some are not, I use soy wax because it lasts a long time when burning, making it efficient and good value for money. I use plenty essential oils in the melted soy wax when making scented candles to make sure they smell strong enough when the candle dries, that way when burning the candle it's fragrance can be smelt within a room. The purpose of candles is to bring tranquility, relaxation and calm the mind, bringing balance within. When the candles are scented they can bring varied sensations to the each individual. Each scented candles can either bring peace, upliftment, calmness, divine or cleanliness feeling. Every individual is different so what one candle makes one person feel can make another individual feel differently, so it's also about finding the right candle that works for you, especially when they're scented candles. Each fragrances bring about their own unique sensations for different purposes, such as Lavender can bring calmness, relieve anxiety, alleviate low moods such as depression and reduce stress levels, which can also help with hormone imbalance. So each of my scented candles will come with a description label about it's meaning and properties.

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