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Emma L Mather


I am a natural born medium and an empath, over the years I have had many varied experiences with spirit. I work Clairvoyantly, Clairaudiently and Clairsentiently, this means I am able to see, hear, sense and feel spirit, including seeing and hearing externally. I'm also able to see auras around the physical and spirit. I can also feel the emotions and conditions of those on the Earth plane and those in spirit who may of had an illness or physical condition before their passing.

I have always had spiritual experiences from my childhood through-out my life, I have seen spirit in different ways such as silhouettes, a bright light in the shape of a person, orbs or that which appear to be like tiny shooting stars. When I was 2 years old, I saw a man sitting on the couch, I was eating a lollipop at the time, I pointed my lollipop to the gentleman on the couch asking him if he wanted some, he did not speak but only turned his head side-to-side as to say "No" to me. My mum came in the room at this point and asked me who I was talking to, I could only lip read her at the time because I was born partially deaf, I did not wear hearing aids until a little later on. As I grew older many would not always realize about my deafness due to the fact that I do not have any speech impediment.

When I do the spirit art, I often see an invisible guideline on the blank space, this helps me to draw over these guided lines of the etheric (spirit) to produce a portrait. Another way of working with the spirit art is that I am able to see spirit through my mind's eye (third eye), in a vision crystal clear to be able to draw them, along with assistance from my spirit guides to help me to draw the etheric with accurate detail. I am also able to have contact with spirit through the astral, the etheric show themselves very clear to me this way, so that when I come back from the astral, I'd be able to draw them based from memory. So these are the different ways I can work with spirit, including receiving their names, conditions, passing or any other relevant information/evidence.

I went public with the mediumship and spirit art in 2012, serving various churches within the UK doing demonstrations. I have also done paintings and spiritual paintings over the years. I started making jewellery in 2014, my crystal creations in 2019 and candles in 2020.

Here is a link to an audio podcast I had with Rob Goodwin (you can view and read more about Rob's wonderful spiritual work on his website.)
In the podcast is about my spiritual work and experiences:


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Here are some loved ones from spirit I have drawn with a photo that was given afterwards for the evidence. When one crosses over to spirit they can choose to look much younger again in spirit than the age they might have passed, for example if they passed at 50 or older, they can choose to look in their 30s again or much younger. I also do Spirit Portraits of guides including animals, galactic and more.

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